How we came to be:

To understand the history of Ron Fogel & Associates, Inc., one must first know about Ronald J Fogel.

Ronald was first inspired to work in theatre while watching the Ed Sullivan show on Sunday evenings. Like a moth to a flame, Ron was mesmerized by a circle of light tracking Ed’s every move.  That was all it took – the lights, scenery, orchestra, and all that magic – led to a career in theatre technology that has endured for over forty years. 

Ron began his professional career while still in high school; he worked at the St. Louis Municipal Opera backstage as a gofer. Next he worked a season of Grand Opera in Brevard, NC as the head electrician. Ron continued to work at a host of other venues until he landed his first Broadway show as an assistant electrician and follow spot operator for his mentor, the late Steve Cochrane.  He then spent the next several years as a production electrician on both Broadway and nationally touring productions.

While working on “Woman of the Year”, Ron met his soon-to-be wife, Karen, settled down in Manhattan, and took a day job as a manager for BASH Theatrical Lighting Services in North Bergen, New Jersey (acquired by PRG in 1997).  There he created a fabrication division that produced custom rigging components for many of the theatrical and special events supplied by Bash. He went on to create an installation division for BASH, and worked on venues such as The Silver Legacy Hotel and Casino and the El Dorado Showroom.

After BASH was sold to PRG, Ron branched out into the role of business owner, first with a design firm in Manhattan, then as a founding partner of a design-build firm in New Jersey.  Ron sold out to his partner at the end of 2001 and began Ron Fogel & Associates, Inc. (RFnA), his first foray as a manufacturer’s representative.  With RFnA, Ron has enjoyed the last ten plus years working with architects, engineers, designers, and theatre consultants, many of whom he is honored to call “friend”. 

After two previous business endeavors, Ron Fogel wanted to build a new kind of firm.  He wanted a collaborative group of self-motivated associates, which he found in Rebekah Gould, VP Sales and John Zagar VP Operations. Past associates have included Kara O’Grady, Jason Teague, Louis Malagrino, Matt Diamond, Jason Miller, Karina Coral and Edie DiScipio.

Everyone at RFnA appreciates the amazing relationships with the manufacturers we represent and are honored to place the names ETC, Acoustacorp, Gantom, Formance, R-LED, Aquari, Robert Juliat, Seachanger, Leader Light and DeSisti on our line card.